10 Hairstyle and Make up Trends from Our Stars

1. Michelle Dockery

Michelle’s edgy gown was paired with an equally edgy asymmetric updo. Her makeup consisted ofbright red lipstick and green smoky eyes. The eye makeup consisted of a shadow used to outline the eyes and a shimmering taupe for the lash line.

2. Kerry Washington

Sporting smart deep side parting, Kerry Washington wore smoky eye make up the best. She lined the eyes with a plum eye shadow and then added a silvery lilac shade to the rest of the lid. Finally she brushed the eye lashes lightly with mascara. For the lips, she used a pink lip gloss tactfully to create a tinted effect. Her hair was tied in a self wrap pony to complete the look.

Kerry Washington

3. Jennifer Lawrence

The actress sported a tossed-to-the-side waves and a red lipstick. Her eye makeup used light liner on the eyes and the lids were done in a beige colored shade and given a winged edge.

4. Jessica Chastain

Jessica dressed like a bomb for the occasion. Her red gown was offset by minimal makeup and elegant accessories. Her long blonde hair was neatly brushed down and was shaped into soft waves that gave it a natural look. For the eye makeup she chose a nude shade of gold for the lids and a hint of mascara on the lashes. For the lips she chose a plum colored lipstick and avoided any gloss.

5. January Jones

The lady worked up a cool number with a rock n roll hair style using her blow dried hair. Jones’ makeup consisted of a luminous shade of intense orange-red lipstick and an illuminating blush rubbed lightly on the cheek. Eyes were dressed down to highlight the rest of the makeup.

6. Anne Hathaway

Though her pixie haircut left not much for her do in terms of style, the gorgeous Anne Hathaway used her flawless skin to create magic on the red carpet. She chose a red lipstick to give contrast to the black gown and simple solitaire studs to accessorize. For the cheeks, she used a peach colored mineral blush and as for the eyes she chose to color the crease and leave the rest alone covering it with a concealer for uniformity.

7. Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts is a blonde beauty who looks awesome in most of her red carpet appearances. For SAG awards she wore a white dress with her neck bared. She chose a minimal makeup strategy with ruby red lipstick to do all the work for her. Her eyelids were covered in a concealer and lined with silvereyeliner. She opted for cascading hair style to go with the ensemble.

8. Sofia Vergara

Sofia chose honey-toned wavy locks to go with her white outfit. She used pink blush to highlight her cheeks and went for a smoky eye makeup for the eyelids. She chose a rose pink gloss on her lips to complete the look.

9. Rose Byrne

Rose’s mid length hairstyle stole the show on the red carpet. She curled the hair appropriately and left a glossy spray to keep them in place. For the makeup she chose a pink blush to shade the high of her cheek. A lighter shade of pink was opted for the eyes while the lips were also matched with a dash of neon pink.

10. Clalre Danes

Clalre wore the best lip color for the red carpet this year. She chose a deep burgundy. She used rose gold and copper shades to give a unique gold-flecked eye shadow. Her golden mane was tied up in a messy hairdo with a stylish side parting.

Photo Credit: (http://www.bellasugar.com)


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