5 Celebrity Makeup Trends for 2013

Neutrals, nude and some colorful eye shadows ruled the celebrity makeup trends in 2012. But this year we are seeing some wacky and bold styles come up. Neon and tangerine hues and graphic eyes are some of the makeup trends that have arrived and here to stay until the year end. Here are 5 such celebrity makeup trends to follow this year:

celebrity makeup trends

1. Regina Hall’s Lavender lips

Lilac and lavender lipsticks have become a rage ever since Nicki Minaj launched it for the beauty products major MAC. Spring is the ideal season to bring out bright colors. This year bright has come in the form of lavender lipsticks. Also sported by Regina Hall, this is the neutral in the world of bright colors and complements all skin colors.  For fairer skin, use neutral lip liner while for darker skin tones try plum or magenta lip liner.

2. Jessica Chastain’s Copper Red

The leading nominee of this year’s award ceremonies and red carpet events, Jessica Chastain has popularized the copper red hue of hair dye and set the hair color trend for 2013. If this seems too bold for you then you could try red lowlights which will give an equally bold appeal.

3. Nicole Ritchie’s Bold Eye Shadow

Strong washes of eye shadows matching your dress color are currently in vogue. Try Nicole Ritchie’s shades of blue and silver or go for violet, red or orange according to what you are wearing. The best way to wear it is to apply one shade all over the eyelid.

4. Lea Michele’s Polished Bangs

The choppy and edgy variety of bangs is out and the structured polished and chic bangs are in. Thanks to stars like Lea Michele, fringes are making a comeback on the red carpet this year. Strong bangs that are polished give a very sophisticated look to this otherwise childish hairstyle.

5. Diane Kruger’s Flawless Skin

The mantra to sporting a flawless skin is by contouring it right. The latest diva to sport a flawless skin is Diane Kruger. Highlighting cheekbones in place of using a bronzer is a good way of brightening your face. And do the same with your temples and under the brows too. This makes sure that your face looks satiny but not shiny. Cream and powder highlighters are in as also foundations and concealers.

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