7 Celebrity Eye Makeup Trends

Eye makeup for an evening outdoors can be quite challenging, especially if you are pressed for time and resources.

Here are 7 eye makeup ideas from our own celebrities which will make the task easier for you.

Match It Up

Like Jennifer Hudson, you can opt for an eye shade that goes with your dress. It need not be the exact shade. A little dissimilar will do. That way you don’t look too matched up.

Pinky Shades

For all those girls who love pink, teenage idol Selena Gomez has got the right tip for you. Put your bubble gum pink to use today. Match it up with a lighter version of lip gloss and see the magic unveil.

Eye Makeup Trends

Dark Eyes-Light Lips

Our first lady Michelle Obama always puts things in perspective. Her subtle beauty tips have floored us all in the recently concluded presidential campaigns. Her style seems to be dark eyes and light lips. She has often displayed the delicate balance between charcoal eye shadow with a sheer gloss.

Neutrally Yours

This makeup style by Sienna Miller is just the opposite of Michelle Obama’s. Her scarlet red lips are offset by the barely there nude eye shadow. Just a single coat of mascara and brow pencil has completed the look.

Sparkling Beauties

Sofia Vergara prefers a shimmering eye shadow for her eye makeup. She pairs it easily with a sparkling lipstick. The metallic shadow that she often chooses is a perfect combination for her bronze makeup. It gels well with a one- shade- darker eye liner.


Jennifer Lopez seems to get it right all the time. She uses a perfect pinky bronze eye shadow to go with the makeup on her lips and cheeks. The dark liner adds to the glamour and enhances the overall look.

Smoky Poky

Kristen Stewart’s smoky eyes have been often talked about in celebrity makeup. She deviates from the traditional blacks and grays and steps into the world of jewel tones such as emerald and amber. The combination is perfect and makes the spooky lady look right for an evening at the red carpet.

Armed with all these ideas in your bag, you might actually start believing that walking with your eyes closed is an option.

Photo Credit: (www.glamour.com)


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