Emma Watson’s Latest Skincare Secrets

Known for her crystal clear complexion and flawless skin, Emma Watson is a diva by all means. Recently she was spotted on the red carpet and then at the New York airport in her flawless and contoured skin without makeup.  The young lady looks stunning with perfection oozing out of every part of her body. Here is how Emma Watson keeps her skin glowing:

The French Connection

The younger actress has admitted that French pharmacies are her weakness and strength too. Her beauty potion is Avene from Boots available for as little as £6.50. Avene is a sensitive cosmetics brand that produces products that nourish your skin from within and gives it a special glow.

Emma Watson

Natural Drinks

Coconut water is what Emma likes to drink in place of fizzy drinks. She feels that this natural drink is a complete drink that satisfies thirst and provides some vital minerals as well. The cooling effect of coconut water is what keeps her skin glowing, is her opinion. Emma recommends this energy boosterto everyone who is looking at a glowing skin through natural means.

Clear Eyes

Ever wondered how the beauties of tinsel town have a sparkle in their eyes? Here is how. Emma Watson believes that detox-ing is the one way of caring for your eyes. So if you want dazzling pair of eyes then try out Murine Bright & Moist eyes for £4.07.


Cleansers are an essential routine for removing makeup. Emma trusts surgical gauze dabbed in hermakeup remover to erase every trace of the makeup from deep below.

Minimal Makeup

When not shooting or attending events, Emma likes to keep her skin breathing. Hence she goes without makeup. Other than a routine lip balm and light mascara, the Harry Potter star does not like wearing makeup just to keep the shutter bugs happy. This keeps her virgin skin from clogged pores which are the perpetrators of acne and gaping pores.

Photo Credit: (http://www.dailymail.co.uk)


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