Hairstyles That Stars Are Sporting This Party Season

Celebrities have more reason to dress up in style than anybody.

Here are 6 great ways to dress up your hair for the party just like the stars.

Hairstyles That Stars Are Sporting Party Season

1.  Airy Ringlets like Kerry Washington

Using a medium barrel curler, Kerry had achieved ringlets that will stay in place with a hair spray. The look is very easy to achieve.

2. Chic Bun like Kate Hudson

This breezy and polished style was achieved by using finger tips to roll Kate’s medium length hair into a simple chic bun. This bun can be embellished with a flower or pearl pins for maximum style.

3. Undone Ponytail like Zoe Saldana

This low ponytail was achieved by Zoe’s hairstylist Mara who used an anti-frizz mousse to damp the strands and create a natural wavy texture. She then braided the hair loosely and allowed it to dry. After a few minutes she undid the braid and sprayed a hair mist to give the final look.

4. Soft layers like Padma Lakshmi

Using a hair mousse, the dry hair was first moistened to give it sufficient hold. Then small sections of hair were wrapped around the curling iron. After completing this bit the hair was misted with hairspray to hold it all in place. Using a boar-bristle brush the waves were lightly brushed to make them soft and bouncy.

5. Beachy Bob like Rose Byrne

This anti-frizz hairstyle is an easy one to get. After damping the strands with a mousse, loose pieces of hair are wound over a curling iron, directing them away from the face and up to down. Put a hair sprayand then brush the ringlets lightly with your fingers.

6. Sleek Blowout like Jennifer Lawrence

This chic hairstyle is a highly sophisticated one. Using a few drops of water, wet the hair thoroughly. Then blow dry the hair using a round brush. Then go for parting the hair and iron the hair lightly to give the perfect slick look.

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