Hottest Manicure Trends from Our Celebrities

Award season is here and it is time for our celebrities to display their red carpet styles.

The just concluded Golden Globe Awards and the Critic’s Choice Awards gave ample opportunity to check out who is wearing what this year.

Fancy and trendsetting manicures were among the most sought after fashion trends. Here are some of the hottest manicure trends from our celebrities:

 Manicure Trends

Katy Perry’s Patriotic Digits

For the Kid’s Inaugural Concert, Katy wore miniature US flags on her nails. The nail art was done in glossy finish paint and metallic shades were used to highlight the stars.

Anne Hathaways’ Beaded Details

At the Golden Globes, Anne Hathaway not only stole the show with her Chanel outfits, but also made a unique manicure style statement with beaded detailing on her ring finger nail. For the rest of the nails pearl drop nail paint was used. The manicure matched with the sequined work of her outfit perfectly.

Jennifer’s Nude Fetish

As always, Jenifer Lopez graced the Golden Globes in a nude colored sheer dress. To match it she chose nude nail paint but highlighted the ring finger with metallic nail art. The nails were kept long and pointed to give extra space and shape for the nail art.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Black Beauties

For the after party at Golden globes, Vanessa chose a black and gold Egyptian style. Her outfit was black while the accessories were in gold.

Her manicurist chose to keep long nails with rounded edges and went with the black tones for the base and used the golden glitter to create different patterns on each nail.

Zooey Daschnel’s Filmy Nails

After the tuxedo nail art from previous year’s Golden Globes, Zooey had upped our expectations of her manicure style this year. With the filmstrip design done in black and gold to go with the theme of the event, Zooey has made sure not to disappoint anyone.

Kelly Osbourne’s Golden Fingertips

Kelly’s manicurist went for a new take on the French manicure. Firstly, she carved almond-shaped nails and then went for sheer glitter nail paint. For the pointed tips, she chose the golden glitter which gave the entire nail art a wow look.

Busy Phillips Grows Half-Moon Nails

Busy showed off a cream and neutral paired manicure that left everyone amazed. The nails were kept short with adequate filing to give it a short yet well-groomed look. Thus, she made the half-moon style all the more interesting.

Kaley Cuoco’s Reverse French

This star chose to go reverse with the French manicure. For the People’s Choice Awards this year, she decided to keep it simple. But for the tips, which she colored in gold paint, Kaley decided to go nude for the remaining part of the manicure.

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