Secret Behind Blake Lively’s Radiant Skin

The latest news about Blake lively is that she has secretly married actor Ryan Reynolds. Well, we have something else to talk about this young actress. This time it is her radiant skin. So what do you think is the secret behind Blake Lively’s radiant and beautiful skin? Here are some things that keep Blake look evergreen at all times of the day, year long.

Radiant skin

Lively’s skin makes the first impression on those who admire her beauty. She maintains this by using a lipid serum – Juno Transformative Lipid Serum. The serum hydrates the skin and fights wrinkles. It is enriched with Vitamin C, amino acids and omegas which bring the sheen naturally to her skin. The even tone of her face is attributed to the smaller pores maintained by the use of a facial cleanser – the wonder bar. This not only cleanses but also maintains the pH of the skin according to the skin type. Another star ingredient is the telomerase enzyme that has found application in skin care. It acts by stimulating the stem cells and thus propels the skin repair mechanism, making it look younger day after day.

Prevent damage

Blake lively also believes in preventing damage, the first line of defense from harsh external agents. She strengthens her damage prevention system by using DNA repair enzyme-based renewal serums. This set of skin applicants brought to you by Ronald Moy through his DNA EGF Renewal Set is the perfect remedy for damage prevention from sun and pollutants.

Spa therapy

Blake Lively is a big fan of the latest spa in Manahttan – Darphin Spa. Her favorite treatments are the age reversal facial and a relaxing massage that she takes to unwind from the stress of her hectic schedule.

Healthy lifestyle

And above all, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Blake stands by this rule and keeps away from alcohol and drugs. These are the number one cause of skin damage and hence keeping them at an arm’s distance is what one needs to do. As for Blake, she dislikes partying and pub crawling and so it is a natural way of living healthy and maintaining a younger looking skin for many years to come.

Blake Lively’s skin is incredibly radiant and flawless. Get her skin by following these tips. It would also help if you have beautifully- made custom business cards to achieve an overall professional and gorgeous look.

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