What Is The Secret To Salma Hayek’s Glowing Skin

Salma Hayek – the bombshell who sizzled the screen in ‘Desperados’ way back in 1995 does not look even a day older.

Her skin looks as immaculate and smooth as ever. How does this Hollywood diva maintain such a beautiful skin? Is she blessed with it or does she go under the scalpel?

Finally Salma herself has consented to and revealed the secret to her immortal beauty that makes her look evergreen and spectacular.

The 46-year old actress has disclosed it all in an exclusive interview to one of the leading fashion magazines. She has said that her love for food is immense and that she tries her best not to gorge on food.

Salma Hayek

She says that food is her mood elevator. She is happy because she eats and she eats fat, vegetable and everything that is good for her and her skin.

Salma proclaims that even at this age she has not taken to Botox for keeping wrinkles at bay. She believes that being satisfied, happy, full and not hungry are all a part of youth, and it is this that gives you the natural glow.

The fat that she eats is all unsaturated and those lipids help keep the skin moisturized and supple, thus keeping wrinkles away.

Salma also adds that if you are on a diet and doing excessive weight training to remain slim, then your skin takes the beating. Not eating enough and deprivation accelerates ageing. It also makes the person look miserable.

Our take on this would be that she is also endowed with a generous dose of good genes plus the comfort and luxury to pamper herself and live the life of a queen, with the treasure tow of LVFM money beside her. But in the same length we trust and believe in Salma’s words that good food with fat and all does keep you happy. The glamour and money is common to all in the industry, but the radiant glow on Salma’s face is very unique to her.

Photo Credit: (celebsalon.sheknows.com)


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