How to Get the Latest Smoky eye Makeup Like Kristen Stewart

As we all know, Kristen Stewart is busy globetrotting to promote her newest release, On the Road. She drew the attention of all and sundry when she stepped out to grace one such occasion in Sydney. The baroque dress that she wore complemented her bronze skin and coppery eyes in the sweltering summer of Australia. But what made her look ultra special was her smoky eye makeup. Here is how you can recreate the infamous smoky eyes look of Kristen and blaze through any event or occasion you want to grace.


Smoky eye Makeup Like Kristen Stewart

  1. To begin with, prepare your skin using a SPF based moisturizer. Follow it up with a high definition primer.
  2. Apply a matte finish foundation using a good quality foundation brush. Make sure to touch up areas around the eyes and nose with a concealer, to make the complexion even.
  3. Blend the blush on the cheeks and dust it with an oil-absorbent powder to set the makeup.
  4. Apply the copper eye shade to the lower eye lids by using an eyeliner brush that is flat.
  5. Use the same brush and smudge the black of the eyeliner along the top lash line, extend it outwards into a wing with the stroke of the brush.
  6. Mix the black and copper shades and smudge them on the lower lash lines using the tip of the brush.
  7. Choose black volumizing mascara and apply it in succession of two coats to the lower and upper lashes.
  8. Give the lips a sensual luscious style by dabbing a Coral color lipstick on it.

Complete the look by combing your hair back into a careless, volumizing up do. The smoldering eye makeup teams up with the sultry hairstyle to give the extra oomph to the already glamorous look.

Other celebrities sporting this look and in news for the right reasons are: New mom Kate Hudson, spider girl Emma Stone and cat woman Anne Hathaway. These edgy beauties had more to show off with just their looks and have left onlookers bedazzled with this latest smoky eyes makeup trend.

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