Botox – Should We Choose It Or Should We Know Better?

BotoxWe raise our eyebrows whenever we hear something inappropriate said by the people around us, we frown when something or someone doesn’t agree with our disposition, we give big smiles to our loved ones and seeing a comedy at the movies we burst in the most jovial laughter.

Well …all these ups and downs of psychical emotion result in the most annoying outcome so feared and dreaded by all of us ladies: Expression Wrinkles.

Repressing our emotions like the French nobility used to do centuries ago is not a viable option unless we prefer to be society outcasts or in the least considered snobbish and egotistic creatures.

So …thank goodness for the modern cosmetics and the multitude of remedies more or less controversial it proposes. But what is the cost of these remedies?

Considering the amount of cash we spend daily on being beautiful and the amount of pain we endure in keeping our beauty alive, we, women, should consider what truly benefits us and what doesn’t.

The Dysport Miracle is the most advertised and also the fastest way of getting rid of the expression wrinkles. The responsible for this “miracle” is the injection with botulinic toxin commonly known as Dysport.

The procedure induces a controlled and reversible paralysis of the facial muscles using a toxin, which present in food causes severe food poisoning.

So when entering a beauty salon for a facial and being told that facials don’t help anymore puts someone like me in the position of considering Botox as a viable alternative for staying young and presentable.

How many of you ladies have been there? We fear the opinion of our loved ones about our face and we are ready to give up the charm of our expression too soon. In these conditions the alternative for the scalpel seems a lot easier and a lot less expensive. And we say:”Why not?”

Because the Botox –as it was nicknamed by the fans and doctors – is not a painful or uncomfortable procedure, over the last decade it became a real trend of beauty fashion among the amateurs. And since the power of example usually serves better than a thousand words it seems everybody is doing Botox sooner or later.

creamIt isn’t a pain, and takes years of your face in a matter of hours.

Of course there are anti-wrinkle creams a lot more expensive than a Botox shot and in the end a cream will never fix in a million years what Botox fixes in a single session of treatment.

It has become so hip that nowadays people are organizing Botox parties. The hostess usually offers the guests the presence of an esthetician and on a plate a few vials of botulinic toxin. The result is quite entertaining and you would be surprised to see how many women are delighted to participate.

Someone should tell us, the lovely female representatives over a certain glamorous age, that getting rid of our wrinkles brings, along with the slight reversible paralysis of our face muscles, the risk to see our face become one day as flat and immobile as the one of a Barbie doll – a smooth, beautiful, porcelain mask. Eventually after many shots the face muscles fail to react and the paralysis stays on forever.

We lose our wrinkles but we also see our lines and delightful curves that make our expression unique turn in a flat representation of what used to be our own personal charm, and that process can be reversed only by the scalpel.

So ladies… let’s think for a brief second. If you were to choose a wrinkle free face skin with the risk of getting with it a face without expression, personality and charming curves, would you make the choice?

The anti-aging cream doesn’t work miracles and Botox is a miracle itself, so when you think which way to go consider this: The truth is somewhere in between, so we should decide what best suits our life style and what compliments our lovely personality because losing what makes us unique, sure doesn’t worth the glamour.


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