Long And Strong, Sexy, Vibrant…Hair!

Did you know that most of the guys asked on the street think that long hair is sexier? For this reason, but not the only one, taking care of your locks may seem the right way to go so why not take advantage of the many things available for hair care and do the logical choices to have a fabulous hair.
I was quite fond of my stylish bob haircut but I thought that I would look a lot more feminine if I would have longer hair.


In the tradition of our grandmothers if you cut your hair regularly, like once every new moon, it will grow faster and stronger, being more resistant to deterioration. Odd, isn’t it but still perfectly true.

Cutting the split ends every two or three months will encourage the growth because the hair won’t have to send nutrients to the damaged ends and it will redirect them to the roots.

In spite of the superstitions that cutting it will hurt the hair, your hair will be thankful to be refreshed.

Take me for example. I cut my hair quite short and after 3 months it was completely back, shoulders long and especially a lot healthier than it originally was.

Did you know that over brushing your hair will hurt it? Twice a day is more than enough. As a plus brushing the hair when it is wet will diminish its resistance. Hair brushing is meant to eliminate the natural oily aspect but still while the hair is wet you should untangle it with a comb rather then a brush.

Keep in mind that the hair is the live image of your skin type. As you try to protect your skin offering it a natural treatment, do the same with your hair. You can use products containing Aloe Vera and coconut oil. These and a lot other natural ingredients like almond milk or jojoba oil will do a lot of good to your natural hair balance.


Stay away from the temptation of gathering your hair in a ponytail while it is still wet.

The best way to go is let it loose and use a mild blow dryer temperature to dry it. Keep in mind that the wet hair is very sensitive and easy to break.

I guess it’s a major boredom to keep on hearing about the fact that a healthy hair is fed by a healthy diet and that the food is a major responsible for our hair growth.

Make no mistake, as boring as it may sound eating fruit and vegetables is offering your hair the minerals and vitamins it craves and as a result it will be strong and shiny.

Drink water to keep your skin but also your scalp hydrated because a hydrated scalp makes a hydrated hair. Dare and pamper your hair at least once a month in a hair saloon.

professional hair treatment does wonders against the hair loss adding to the UV and pollution protection. You girls, should definitely consider a hot oil treatment especially if you dye your hairrepeatedly so you hair will go back to its natural gloss.

The last but not the least, we, women must keep in mind that the health and the length of our beloved hair is totally depending on our lifestyle. Staying away from chemicals but also staying away from stress and excessive tiredness will make sure you have the diva hair you dream about watchingshampoo commercials.


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