“Smoky Eyes” Are The Recipe For A Shining And Outstanding Look

soft smoky eyesThe right amount of eye makeup has always been a challenge and so many talented stylists are always ready to draw up new lines for the makeup trend.

The challenge comes when we are about to choose a certain type of makeup in order to send a particular message or we simply want it to match the fancy outfit we wear.

Looking over the fashion magazines I must say that the trends of 2009 are present all over and all of them are preaching a minimalist but glamorous style.

In makeup, the very familiar concept “less is more” is pretty much the most advertised trend in the last few years.

Overlooking that all of us, girls, are copying the style of celebrity fashion icons the most familiar concept we are sharing these days is “soft smoky eyes

Apart from being a casual but in the same time an elegant makeup style, the “soft smoky eyes” makeup compliments any eye color.

I have seen it in tones of dark grey on blue or black eyes and also in “chestnut” and “black coffee” on brown and green eyes.

So I can’t help but notice the way this minimalist style compliments any eye shape underlining the color of the eyes and creating a spectacular glaze.

I have to say that it is one of the very few eye makeup trends that a lady wearing prescription glasses can approach without the fear of shocking by wearing too much or on the contrary to be seen with an insignificant eye makeup.

I have seen lovely nuances of this makeup style on the fashion podiums of the presentations for this summer, but done in shades of blue and even pink, not so “smoky” yet still following the same line. This type of color association compliments a tanned skin and gives a special light to the eyes.

eyelinerA very glamorous variation of this makeup is the one completed by black eyeliner.

We should wear such a make up with an evening gown for a mysterious and stylish look.

Looking around the makeup shops I saw quite a large offer of “smoky eyes” makeup kits from the brands with tradition in the business of eye makeup products.

The top brands like Stila and Sephora come with the eyeliner included and are quite affordable as price.

So when you think of choosing an eye makeup style you should really look into “smoky eyes” and do not forget that our eyes are the business card of our personality.


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