The Daily Beauty Ritual That Is Taking Over My Life

applying creamIn the morning I get out of bed hours before I have to go to work just so I can get ready, and at night, it takes just as long.

I have an anti-aging peel for my face, followed by moisturizer with sunscreen, of course.

Then I dab on something for the oily part of my face and another for the dry skin. After that I have lotion for my feet and a separate lotion for my arms and legs.

I also have a special solution for my nails and a whole lot of other creams for this and ointments for that. And because I just recently bought a night cream that is supposed to get rid of the wrinkles I’m starting to think this daily beauty ritual is taking over my life.

Your skin says so much about your health and your life. If you have spent hours in the sun your entire life, it shows. You will look weathered and older. If you have smoked for a long time, your skin screams this to everyone through the lines around your mouth and your face.

Premature aging is caused by smoking. If you party and drink too much, you will see the results the next morning with the bags and dark circles under your eyes and your dry skin. Take care of your skin and it will take care of you.

The quest for perfection is ongoing. Every day I add something new to my routine just to keep me beautiful and the routine gets longer with every year that passes. I am absolutely obsessed with having the perfect skin and I will do anything to have it.

I may have bought every cream, lotion, cleanser and facial on the market and I will keep doing it so that I can continue to look young and vibrant.

It works because people compliment me on my perfect complexion and skin tone and I know I look better than most women younger than me. The secret is that I take care of my skin.

moisturizingDid you know that without the proper moisture your skin can age in just a few days and you may be looking years older than you really are?

This is the result from the pollution and sun all around you, and they wreak havoc on your skin minute by minute.

But not to worry, they make creams that repair the damage and even reverse it.

It takes a long time, I know, but you will get there. Adopt a daily ritual, start with a moisturizer and go from there.

Your skin makes the first impression when people lay their eyes on you. They automatically judge you by your skin and appearance, and if you do not think so, then you obviously don’t remember your high school days. If you keep up the pace with a daily ritual you will look young and fresh.

When I get out of bed every morning, I dread looking in the mirror because I don’t want to see how another day has aged me. This is why I spend so much time plucking and tweezing, applying foundation and brushing on a bronzer.

I am only comfortable with my appearance after I take that time to go through my beauty ritual and it works! My skin is flawless and supple. I keep it soft with a variety of lotions and creams and I do not have any blemishes. I go through the daily ritual to good results.

I am happy and proud of having clear, young, beautiful skin that makes everyone ask for my I.D. and I gladly show them, just so I can see the look on their faces when they realize I am much, much older.


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