The Spring Fling Makeup And The Beautiful You

With the spring here the world is opened to another kind of beauty. This means that is the time to shake of the winter clothes and beautify ourselves with all that means charm, elegance and sparkle.

The spring is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the dark, heavy makeup colors and go into the feminine pastel so complementary for any type of features.

We tend to see ourselves like the perfect material for beauty trials and no matter how far we let ourselves going into a complete makeover, the simple rules of beauty must always be obeyed so we will turn into the true lovely images, spring expects us to be.

Keep in mind that if a young complexion is easy to makeup and easy to fit any type of color, over 35 years old the makeup rules become clearer and pastel colors are exactly the secret recipe for a young appearance.

A lot of information sources are ready to offer a bunch of spectacular recipes all meant to introduce you into new makeup trends. When looking at all of them you will see for sure that the same basic rules are behind any elaborate scheme of makeup and by simply following them you will be able to make yourself beautiful without much hassle.

First, taking the example of so many ladies out there, the spring beauty means a lighter complexion. Since so many beauty products are nowadays focused on getting more light to our faces, a special moisturizer and a smooth particle powder will do the trick in making you shine.

In order to get the right combination you need to do your makeup in the natural light and focus on getting a result as close to the natural look as possible.

The blush is something very common in the pastel makeup and the right recipe for the spring. The pastel nuances of peach and rose blush should be applied using a makeup brush and turned into a very soft touch on the cheeks.

Using bronzed nuances for this purpose is a very bad idea because it will ruin the entire pastel concept.

Playful eyelids are part of the whole pastel routine. Colors like soft pink, soft green, salmon, peach and sweet blue are the right choice. The right way to go is to choose soft natural nuances, pearly translucent colors that will offer your eyes a bit of sparkle.

Big eyelashes are the secret that will compliment your look and make your eyes look seductive. The right amount of quality mascara can sometimes replace even the eye makeup. Still you have to stay away from the black eyeliner which will ruin the pastel effect.

My favorite spring thing in makeup remains the nude lips. Whether we wear a soft pink or coral translucent lipstick, or simply put on a lip gloss, the nude lips makeup is certainly the right way to go for spring. This way the attention will go to the eyes and our glamorous look will for certain be amazing.

The spring is the chance we have to go back to our beautiful self. We find ourselves looking in the mirror and discover a new fresh look with only a drop of makeup. When you think of it isn’t this reason enough to smile?


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