Top 7 Beauty Apps you Need to Download Right Now!

Mobile apps have been changing the way we go through the day, do business, study, communicate and even play games. In such a scenario, it is no surprise that there are apps present for learning dancing, doing yoga, treating skin conditions and even for beauty. Yes, beauty apps are those kinds of apps which help one not just learn about ways to look beautiful but also makes you appear the way you would love to see yourself.Top 7 Beauty Apps you Need to Download Right Now!

There are plenty of beauty centric apps present on all major operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows etc. The following is a list of the top 7 beauty apps which you need to download right now!

Top 7 Beauty Apps you Need to Download Right Now!

1. Skinbetter

This is a free app on Android and iOS app stores and comes with high tech skin analysis tools which help to let you know what skin condition you are suffering from. All you need to do to use this app is to click a photo of yourself and upload it on the app.  It serves up tips to help you treat your skin condition and is an absolutely must have for everyone.

2. Makeup Genius by L’Oréal Paris

This is an iOS app which lets you learn make up tips from professionals. It uses your phone’s front facing camera and lets you try a range of makeup products to help you know which shades etc. look good on you. The app scans 64 points on your face to do so.

3. Beauty Booked

This is an app which helps you search beauty salons, spas etc. in your neighborhood or city. You can check out the salon name, its reviews, treatments offered and even book a service for yourself. This too is an iOS app.

4. Think Dirty

This is a free of cost iPhone app which helps you find how toxic your beauty products or make up products are. All you have to do is to scan a product’s barcode and upload in it. It will rank the ingredients from one to ten and tell their toxic levels.

5. Facetune

This is a paid iOS, Android and Windows app which offers superb tools for editing your pics and making yourself look beautiful. You can not only smoothen your complexion but also brighten teeth and correct red-eye etc.

6. Stash

This is a superb app which helps you keep a record of the makeup products that you have. It stores a lot of information like when you bought the product, how full is it and sends you a reminder about when you need to re-buy a certain makeup product.  It’s a free app on iPhone.

7. Drugstore Dupes

This is yet another beauty app which you need to download right away because it comes up with inexpensive product recommendations and is absolutely amazing for makeup addicts. This app gives you information about splurge-worthy products at cheaper rates and can be downloaded for free on iOS.

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