10 Celebrity Hairstyles: Beauty Solution

Celebrities are always trendsetters and this is why you should consider the top 10 celebrity hairstyleswhen you decide to have a makeover.

Beauty Solution

1. Nicole Richie

If women want to have a chic and short hairstyle that isn’t too trendy, this is the style that they request. You should have short and long layers that go below your jawline.

2. Michelle Williams

When looking for short hair regarding the top ten celebrity hairstyles, this is the way to go. In this case the edges and the sidebuns must be softened.

3. Adriana Lima

Usually women want to look sexy and this is why the locks of Adriana Lima are so popular. This is a versatile hairstyle that requires medium or thick hair.

4. Rihanna

This one of the top 10 celebrity hairstyles is known to be androgynous and asymmetrical. It has a really special vibe without having a special technique. For this hairstyle all you need is confidence.

5. Zooey Deschanel

If you are looking for celebrity hairstyles that are on the top and that don’t need a lot of maintenance, this is the right one for you. You just have to blow it out or let it dry.

6. Drew Barrymore

This hairstyle is so popular because it offers versatility and youth. The hairstyle is just perfect for the women who have a heart or oval shaped face. It is best if you have a bit of wave in your hair.

7. Jennifer Aniston

This one of the top 10 celebrity hairstyles became the favorite of women because it is sophisticated and relaxed in the same time. It is best for the women who have straight hair.

8. Brooklyn Decker

This short hairstyle made it to the best 10 celebrity hairstyles because, although it is short, you can wear it many different ways. If you have a round or square shaped face, this is the hairstyle for you.

9. Reese Witherspoon

The actress’ hairstyle has been on the list for a long time. The hairstyle is suitable for the women with a heart shaped face. If you have curls in your hair, you should avoid the style.

10. Heidi Klum

The hairstyle of the model also made it to the top 10 celebrity hairstyles. It is great because it looks sexy and it is very easy to maintain. You just have to take a few sections of hair and wrap them around a curling iron.

Photo Credit: (www.allure.com)


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