6 Hairstyles That Sweep Men Off Their Feet

1. Blown out

1. Blown out

Megan Fox’s hairstyle is surely one of the most modern hairstyles and it isn’t easy to create. In case you have a long hair, just wash it with shampoo for more volume, dry it as you use the hairdryer and start brushing. Take some fixing gel and apply it from the bottom layers up.

2. Straight up sexy

Straight up sexy

Straight hair surely makes men crazy, so go for it. The straight hair is also proper for all types of hair, but it works even greater if you are blond. In case you are not going to visit professionals, you can always do it by yourself.

Use a silicone-based straightening serum and then blow-dry your hair. Dry the locks according to the thickness of your hair. If your hair is too thick, just place clip locks in several sections. Straighten down the hair with a blow-dryer and use a light shine spray to finish.

3. Sexy Shag

Sexy Shag

It is a hairstyle that is perfect for women with short hair, so don’t hesitate to add some sophistication to your look. Croppy and short, the so called new bob surely attracts the men’s eyes.

It is easy to maintain such a hairstyle. All you need is the right styling spray, which has to be super strong with gloss finish. Divide the hair into tinny sections and start blow-drying. Flip your ends by using a flat-iron and add some fixing spray.

4. Bad girl bump

Bad girl bump

The eternal bump has always been one of the most famous hairstyles in Hollywood. It is also a sexy hairstyle, which accents on your face and mostly on your eyes. In case you have a long hair, the bump is the right stylish hairstyle. The bump is easy to achieve.

All you need to do is to party dry, straight hair from above the arches of the brow and make a ponytail. Twist the tail and push the hair in order to create some volume. Secure it with some pins and add some fixing spray.

5. Relaxed Updo

Relaxed Updo

This hairstyle looks natural and relaxed, not to mention it is romantic and elegant. In case you want to achieve such a look, just create a low side ponytail and wrap it in a figure-eight shape. Then tuck the end of the updo into the loop and secure it with some hairpins. Smoosh a bit and use a light-weight hairspray.

6. School girl pony

School girl pony

This hairstyle is always fresh and glamorous. All you need to do is treat your hair with styling cream and curl the ends with a medium barrel iron. Sweep the hair up and secure it. Then simply apply some strong styling spray.


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