8 Tips To Achieve Ever Loved Sexy Hair!

sexy hairIt’s a desire of every girl to have sexy hair! Of course, unless you try for it you do not achieve beautiful sexy hair.

Generally, you cut, trim, perm, color, curl, straighten [Hair straightening], spray, and do many more for the sake of beautiful hair.

However, how many of you know that the sexiest hair is the healthiest hair.

So, achieving sexy hair is within your hands. Maintain your hair in good condition and make hair look sexy using the following tips:

  1. Washing hair all days of a week can steal essential oils of your hair, resulting in dry scalp and dry hair. So, avoid washing hair on a daily basis. Instead, practice washing your hair for every 2-3 days, as it helps to encourage healthiness in the hair. If your hair is already dry and coarse, apply hair conditioner immediately after washing.
  2. Wet buns are cool and ideal for long hair. However, while wearing buns see that it is slightly loose. A tight casual bun is a clear way to appear the pulled hair. So, to keep hair healthy and beautiful, comb hair and tie it into a loose knot or bun. For your comfort, attach the bun with a rubber band and bobby pins.
  3. Hair care is most essential while drying hair. So, to separate tangles, always use your fingers instead of using a comb. Moreover, it is good to keep comb away from hair until you blow dry your hair about eighty-percent. Prior to introducing comb to your hair, ensure the hair condition (wet/dry) by gliding your fingers through hair.
  4. Keeping the hair long and plain does not make your hair look sexy. For a sexy hair, cut your long hair in long layers and add few attractive bangs for a stylish look.
  5. Thick heavy bangs, side-swept bangs are comfortable and very attractive for any hair type. It is good to avoid thin, delicate bangs, as they are out dated and make you appear boxy. The most popular and in use right now are thick bangs with long layers and swept bangs with long layers.
  6. Regular color touch ups to the hair keeps it sexy as well as damage free. So, it is good to get your hair color touched up for every 28 days. Never give too long gap between color touch ups. Too long does not mean you have to color touch up your hair when there is no color fading.
  7. It is a good idea to have a hair-color kit in your home so that you can cover up the roots with the dye without any need of your stylist. However, you find a slight difference in yours and in a stylist dye job. However, do not worry. The difference will be very light and is unnoticed by all [Hair coloring tips].
  8. To get your hair rolled properly, spritz your dry hair using a styling spray and then make use of a curling iron (medium) to curl your hair about two inches before rolling the hair using hair curlers.

In addition to these, take healthy diet and drink plenty of water to keep your hair healthy. A healthy hair is a sexy hair, right!


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