The Various Benefits of Using Eggs in Haircare

Sure you use eggs everyday but only on the breakfast table. But have you ever thought about using eggs for haircare? Well eggs can be easily and very effectively incorporated in your hair care regime to get strong, healthy and well-nourished hair. Eggs are not only natural but also full of many benefits that can result in a lovely mop of hair over your head. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of using eggs in haircare:

benefits of using eggs in haircare

  • Eggs are very rich in protein and protein is great for the hair health. Protein not only makes the hair follicles much stronger but also makes hair less likely to break. Applying raw eggs on your head will preserve hair growth due to less breakage.
  • Applying raw eggs on the hair once in a while also makes hair smooth and shiny. Hair can be made thicker using eggs and especially when you have dry or lifeless hair.
  • Eggs act as conditioner to hair and help to keep them moisturized for long durations of time. What eggs do is that they maintain the natural oils present in hair and thus reduce the negative chemical effects of shampoos.
  • Eggs are also great for damaged hair. By cracking 2 eggs in a bowl and applying the mixture onto dry hair, you can maintain the quality of your hair. You must remember to allow the egg mixture stay on your hair for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with water. Remember to rinse the eggs off using cold water and not hot water because cold water closes the hair follicles, thus protecting them from dust and pollution.
  • Another benefit of using eggs on your hair is that you can save a lot of your money through this treatment. The amount that you pay on shampoos, conditioners, blow drying, hair styling, hair serums and hair spas can be saved by using eggs. Eggs are thus a less costly and natural way to protect hair from damage and to ensure that they are healthy.
  • Eggs are useful for those people who have been suffering from problem of excessive hair loss, hair fall, balding and hair thinning. By avoiding hair fall, eggs give a certain volume to the hair and can enhance your personality. They add a lovely bounce and luster but this can only be ensured by regular use of eggs on the hair.


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