5 Tips To Winterize Your Natural Black Hair

Do you live in place where temperature falls significantly during fall? Are you concerned to take care of your black hair in fall?

Cold temperatures usually include low moisture in air and also less humidity, which can lead to breakage of hair.

So, in order to combat with cold winds and protect your natural black hair in winter from breakage (hair breakage), here are few tips.

  1. Always try to keep your home moist and hydrated. You can use humidifiers to keep your home moist or you can create moist and humidity in your home by boiling a large container of water in your home. This way, as long as you stay in your home, you can protect your hair from extreme cold.
  2. Use scarves and hats, instead of woolen or cotton fabrics to your hair. The reason in quite simple, wool and cotton can snag your hair and make your hair to break. However, it is very important for you to choose scarves and hats that have stain lining in it.
  3. Don’t use more amounts of shampoo for hair. This doesn’t mean that you should not wash your hair regularly; rather you should cleanse it with less amounts of mild shampoos.
  4. Prefer hair styles that don’t need hair pins and other contact accessories. It would be better to leave your hair down.
  5. If you usually use liquid conditioner for your hair, during winter try to use creamy hair conditioners. Even, home made hair conditioners work great for your natural black hair.


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