The Truth Behind Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Is there any person in the world who wouldn’t like to have sleek, shiny and healthy hair? There are numerous products and processes that are said to offer all these advantages, but their majority uses some kind of chemicals.

In case you would rather opt for something natural, then you might want to try the Brazilian keratin treatment.

Keratin Treatment

Although it sounds wonderful, before agreeing to the process you should take into consideration both the upsides and the downsides of the treatment.

The major advantages of the keratin treatmentinclude the fact that it could be used on color treated, chemically straightened and relaxed hair.

Also, the treatment is suitable for every kind of hair, regardless of your ethnicity.

We shouldn’t forget about men with long hair either. This kind of treatment is suitable for them as well.

Unlike the majority of the other treatments, theBrazilian keratin treatment won’t dry the hair out. On the contrary; it will offer the hair moisture that could last for six months after the treatment.

There will be no more frizzes either. The hair will become shiny and silky, thanks to the keratin.

The effect of the treatment will be visible for a time period between three and four months. As the hair grows out you might also get some touch-ups for nice looking and manageable hair.

A lot of advantages, isn’t it?

However, in some cases the disadvantages are more important because they make people give up the treatments they initially wanted to have.

One of the major disadvantages is the price of the treatment. This varies between $200 and $400 according to the hair salon that you choose. The touch-ups that have been previously mentioned cost about $75.

After the treatment you aren’t allowed to wash your hair for four days. In case your hair gets wet, you have to blow dry it as soon as possible. Also you cannot wear your hair up in this period.

This means that there will be no pony tails, buns, hairclips and so on. If you get any ridges after sleeping, they must be straightened with a flat iron or the blow drier.

In case you are pregnant or you are nursing, the Brazilian keratin treatment is a big no-no for you.

After knowing the both sides of the coin, you could decide whether you want to have the treatment or not. You could also talk to your hairstylist about your options.


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