Brushing Your Hair – Is It Good for You?

Grandma probably waxed eloquent about the supposed benefits of using a hundred brush strokes for the hair because this was supposed to be great for the hair giving lustrous and healthy hair. Yet is this really the case? Are a hundred brush strokes really good for the hair? If not, what is?

Pros and cons of brushing hair

There is some evidence to show that using a soft bristled brush on the scalp can help to stimulate the scalp and improve hair health. Also the brush strokes can help reduce the amount of dead skin present in the scalp and help to distribute the natural oils produced by the skin better onto the hair shaft. As for the necessity of brushing the hair to remove snarls and knots; well that is rather obvious.


On the flip side is the fact that many hair care specialists caution against brushing wet hair because it could cause stretching and weakening of the hair as well as breakage.

Even dry hair shouldn’t be brushed too much they caution – there is no benefit in it and it could actually lead to damage and hair loss many experts caution.

100 brush strokes before bed – good or bad?

So when grandma attributed her lustrous mane to those hundred strokes before bedtime, how accurate was she? One could theorize that in the past, women perhaps washed their hair less often than today; and that the hair care products available were not of the quality and range that we have on offer today.

So perhaps in the past, the value of those hundred brush strokes was higher and it did help with hair health.

Today however with women washing hair more regularly and having the hair care products such as detanglers, conditioners to suit a variety of hair types, the possible benefits of brushing are diminished.

Also the use of procedures such as blow dryers, straighteners, curlers, hair irons and so on; as well as frequent exposure to chemicals such as relaxants, hair colors and so on has rendered the hair of modern women weaker and more prone to breakage.

We perhaps also don’t have the kind of healthy and wholesome diets that women had earlier. So themodern woman’s hair is probably weaker and more damaged than that of women earlier; and those 100 brush strokes today are not as much of a good idea as they were 50 years ago.


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