Celebrities That Like Wearing Braids

Seems like there is a new trend this fall – braids. For sure you have seen a lot of celebrities with French braids in the last season, and it is no wonder; this is one of the most versatile hairstyles of them all. The main point of these braids is that they are close to the scalp.


Nicole Scherzinger

For sure you know this celebrity, and you should know that she looks absolutely amazing with her swept-up style that also features a French braid. In order to have the ultimate style she also added smoky eyes that look astonishing with her hair color.

Molly Sims

In case you are looking for a hairstyle that is truly interesting, you should consider the style of this celebrity. If you would like to have the same style, you just have to choose a starting point and then braid all the hair around your head.

Blake Lively

This ‘gossip girl’ is known for her braided hairstyles. In the majority of the cases she is wearing her hair in a loosely plaited style, and we have to admit that this look is really advantageous for her.

Also we have to add that we have spotted her with slicked-back braid as well, and the truth is that while the lose braid offers her a relaxed and laid back look, this hairstyle is just perfect for the red carpet.

Coleen Rooney

Similarly to Blake Lively, she also tends to opt for the loose braids, and we have to say that the plaits on the side work out very fine for her. This hairstyle is just perfect for those busy women who are always on the run.

Diane Kruger

If you would like to have the same bohemian and chic hairstyle that she has been spotted rocking, you should leave a few strands lose. Naturally this style works best in case of side braids.


In case you would like to go for a sleeker look, you could follow the lead of Fergie and gather your hair into a ponytail in the back before you create a fishtail braid with your hair. Although the style is quite simple, you can be sure that people will observe you.

Alesha Dixon

You might be crazy about braids, just as the celebrities, and so you could have a braid of your fringes and then another one of your hair in the back.


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