Celebrity Tips for Glossy Looking Locks

The easiest way to know whether hair is healthy is to see whether it is glossy. You should know that the majority of the casual hair care products don’t offer such a glossy look. Nonetheless you can findprofessional products that will offer you the effects that you have been looking for.

Hair glazes

These are the products that you should be looking for because they add glaze to your hair and so you will achieve a healthy and shiny look. The good thing about them is that their effect lasts for about a week. On the other hand the glosses have an effect on the cuticles and so their effect lasts for a lot longer.

Glossy Looking Locks

In case you had a perm and you would like to enhance the color of your hair, then you should be using glosses or glazes. You could combine them with a semi-permanent color to achieve the best results. JLo did it and she is not sorry.


It is just natural that in case you would like to have the best results, you should go to a salon and get the gloss applied there. Nonetheless in case you have opted to use it at home, you should be using clear glossesto make sure that your hair won’t get too dry. Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta Jones are fans of this method.

Tinted color glazers

Although they have a plus over the clear glazes, we also have to note that they irritate the skin. This is why it is important to make sure that you don’t have any kinds of allergies before you start using the product. Also it is good to know that even though it could make magic for your hair, it could also make it oilier, and that is something really annoying.

To make sure that you will achieve the results that you have been looking for, you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer, or it is even simpler to go to a salon and get the job done for you. This method was always a star favorite from Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton.

Going darker

You might have observed that the women with dark hair seems to have shinier hair. This doesn’t mean that you have to have black hair to have some shine, but consider a darker tone. Even if you are blonde, you could go for a darker tone, which will reflect the light and make the hair look less dull. You can add more shine with the help of vegetable dyes and clear glosses, as it has been mentioned before. Kardashian sisters can vouch for the method.


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