Confused With Hair Colors? Tips For A Natural And Complimentary Looking Hair!

hair colorColoring hair is one of the most dramatic ways for changing your look.

Today, hair color is becoming an essential element for enhancing your beauty.

However, you have unlimited color choices for your coloring hair. So, select a color shade that suits you.

Hair Color Choices For Enhancing Your Beauty

Before selecting a suitable hair color, primarily you need to understand the workings of hair color.

No matter where you color your hair, may be at a salon or at home, it is more important to know that your new hair color is a combination of your natural color and the color shade you add.

For instance, for a medium brown hair if you select a medium red hair color, then the new color will be reddish-brown rather than a medium red. So, never confuse with the color by looking at the picture on the box and imagine the same as an outcome.

Instead, look at the shade selector on the back of the box to find out the starting color because the chart shows you the estimated color that gets when you use that packet. Still if you find difficulty, try mixing shades to produce a tradition color.

For this, always prefer colors from a single product line and also that the two shades need to be either lighter or darker than each other.

Secondly, know the depths and tones. Get the right ones before selecting the suitable hair color for you. Depths may be light brown, medium brown, or dark brown. You select the required depth by using depth descriptors on the packages.

For tones, you have all colors: warm tones, such as red and gold, and cool tones, such as ash and neutral shades. The depth and tone of the hair color adds dimension to your hair color.

Always consider your skin tones and eye color while selecting suitable hair color. Hair colors that balance your natural skin tones will give you best results. Prefer cool colors if your skin tone is olive, reddish brown, light or rosy and your eyes are hazel, blue-gray, green, or blue. And warmer colors if your eyes are deep brown, brown.

And prefer warmer depth hair color for a medium golden, golden brown or darker hair. Always check the hair color packages that you select for words like “warm” or “reddish” on the descriptors.

On the other hand, if you don’t prefer a dramatic change, still you have options. Sometimes, you prefer coloring hair simply to highlight your natural hair color. Select the shade that is closest to your natural hair color. Also, follow simple hair care tips to protect your hair.

Select a shade nearly two levels lighter than your natural color for subtly lightening your hair. This helps provide subtle and natural change. For gray covering, again prefer a shade close to your own natural hair color.

Coloring hair is helpful to look beautiful for everyone. So, make use of hair color to hide gray hair. Always consider your skin tone, natural hair color, and eyes to find the proper color for you and with proper care and color selection, achieve a new look that is natural and complimentary.


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