How to Define Your Curls by Blow Drying

Curly hair is both a curse and a blessing at the same time. It makes you look gorgeous and alluring but there are days when you feel frustrated getting those voluptuous curls under your control. Do not worry as there are ways to manage your ringlets and minimize your bad hair days. Hair can be compared to fabric and coarse and curly hair is like denim that requires a moderate amount of heat and moisture to do it up nicely. Enumerated below are certain tips you can follow to blow dry curly hair.


Suggestions to Blow Dry Curly Hair

#1.Selecting the Right Product:

 Hair products manufactured especially for curly hair helps to enhance the volume, shape and minimize frizz.You should keep in mind that curly hair is drier than straight hair and requires more moisturizer to make the curls look fascinating. Therefore moisture based styling products,shampoo and conditioners which should be used for curly hair. Along with with this you should use a  mask for deep conditioning once a week. Mousse and gel are the best styling products for curly hair. Consider using heat protection items and hairspray.Heat protection items protect hair from getting dry from blow-drying regularly, where as hairspray maintains the shape of the hair while minimizing frizz.

#2.Conditoning and Washing Hair:

  •  Applying conditioner in the shower:You should follow certain technique while washing curly hair. Apply conditoner in the shower and evenly distribute it througout thre hair to moisturize it. While your hair is wet, apply the conditioner to hold in the moisture and make curls. Some people prefer to wash with conditioner as shampoo tends to dry curls. Choose what suits you best.
  • Rinsing out the conditioner with cold water: Cold water helps in setting up sleek curls. This step would help you to hold your curls while diffusing after taking a shower.
  • Squeezing out the excess water from the hair very gently: You should flip your hair upside down and remove the excess water with your hands. This would make your curls supple and bouncy. Avoid towel drying, wringing and twisting as that would frizz up your curls.
  • Rub leave in conditioner in your hair: You can use frizz-fighting serum, hair cream or leave –in conditioner, according to your preference to define and moisturize curls.

#3.Blow-Drying Curls Carefully:

Soon after washing and conditioning your hair use a diffuser attached to your dryer, with a warm or cool setting. Avoid hot setting as that would dry and frizz out your curls.

  • Choosing the right dryer setting: Too much power and heat would distort your curls. Choose a low or medium heat setting and a power of 1400 watts to blow dry your curly hair.
  • Either air dry or use diffuser: Some individuals prefer air drying curly hair, as this allows the hair cuticle to absorb moisture. If you are running out of time, use a diffuser attached to a dryer to blow dry. This would minimize frizz and shape curls.
  • Adding volume to hair: You can achieve this effect by blow drying your curly hair upside down.
  • The way to use the diffuser: Do not use the diffuser for too long to risk getting your hair over dried, as that would eventually frizz up. The hair should be dried about eighty percent using a diffuser.

 #4.Maintaining your Curls:

  • To maintain the shape of the curls avoid brushing your hair until you wash your hair again.
  • To avoid frizzing your hair, you should refrain from touching it.
  • To revive the volume of your curls, spray with water followed by blow-drying for few minutes. Blow drying defines the shape and water reactivates the existing product in your hair.

Therefore, with proper care and the use of the right styling products and techniques you can achieve the perfect curls. Don’t get exasperated with your uncontrollable curly hair. Stay cool and follow the above mentioned suggestions to transform your frizzy hair into beautiful curls.


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