Effective Tips for Healthy Curly Hair Growth

Curly tresses not only look lovely but also demand added care and maintenance regime. The type of hair follicle determines the shape of your hair – whether it will be straight, wavy or curly. An oval shaped hair shaft produces curly hair.

Curly strands of hair often get tangled up, attract more dirt because of the curves and are often difficult to handle. However, here are some simple and effective tips to maintain a head full of lovely curly locks.

tips for healthy curly hair growth

Minimize Exposure to Heat

Heat causes damage as it readily eliminates moisture from the hair. Lack of moisture generates split ends and decreases the rate of hair growth. Straightening of hair is a common fashion nowadays and although the process of hair straightening exhibits charm, it is not good for curly hair. The repeated heat encountered during a hair straightening procedure has an adverse effect to the curls of the hair and hinders its growth gradually.

Eradicate Split Ends

Split ends are great enemies of curly hair growth. There are no shampoos or conditioners which may serve to be remedies for split ends. In case you face issues of split ends, the immediate cure is trimming of your hair. If you ignore split ends, then the hair strands keep splitting causing additional damage to the hair. Trimming of hair discards split ends and allows your hair to grow out well.

Use Wide Tooth Detangling Combs

The perfect mane always stays protected if it is detangled well. Curly hair should not be brushed. Always use wide tooth detangling combs for combing your curly hair. You can make use of your fingers too for detangling your hair. Make certain that your hair is wet while detangling as it will prevent the hair from breaking.

Towel Dry Hair in an Accurate Way

When you dry your hair with a towel after a shower, make sure not to rub your hair intensely. Rough handling of your hair will cause friction that roughen the cuticles of the hair and ruin them. Adopting the method of hair drying with dryers will give exposure to heat and lead to hair damage.

Choose Hair Products that Yield Results

There are large number of hair protecting shampoos and conditioners available in the market. Often a product that is trending in the market but not result-oriented may dupe us. You should choose shampoos and conditioners for curly hair that is exclusively sold for dry hair treatment. Correct choice of the products will yield fruitful results and guarantee hair protection.

Keep your Hair Moisturized at all Times

Dry curly hair needs moisturization all the time to keep away from damage. You can protect your curly hair during bedtime by using a satin pillowcase. Make use of hair milks regularly. Plait your hair at night, as it will help to retain the moisture in your hair and avoid dehydration.

Proper care of curly hair will save it from becoming dry, brittle and permit it to grow to maximum length.


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