Design Hair Style For Long Hair Without Damaging The Hair!

Having long hair can make women around you feel envy! Hairstyles for long hair usually give a perfect look for any hair type — straight, curly, or wavy.

However, it looks perfect for a thick hair. With long hair, you can try out the new products [hair care products] and techniques on your hair and get different hairstyles.

Styling long hair is perfect for a coarse thick hair, as the hair can weigh it down and keeps it under control.

No matter what your hair type is — straight, curly or wavy straight, hairstyles for longhair need to have texture that is more natural, long loose layers, and flirtatious styles for long hair

Hair styles for long hair

  • Avoid using rubber bands on your long hair, as it splits and tears your delicate hair. Instead, use coated elastic bands that has special snag free hook on the ends of the band.
  • While removing elastic band, if it is struck in the strands of your hair, then simply cut the band using a scissors without damaging your delicate hair. This helps to protect the hair from long-term damages.
  • ‘Wet buns’ is an optional hairstyle where long hair can be wrapped into various knots (top/ center) or twisted buns and allows to completely air dry. A good wrap to a topknot adds instant volume and excellent lush waves.
  • Based on the knot or twist you create for your hair, the air-dried hair attains several different textures, waves, and bends. So, try out various wet buns and get different styles to your hair.
  • A long hair texture, whether it is straight, curly or wavy, can have lush waves by braiding the strands into a three strand braids, when the hair is damp, which allows the braids to air-dry the hair fully.
  • Using the old-fashioned rag hair rollers, you can create curls and lush waves without damaging your delicate strands. If you find too much hassle in using rag rollers, make use of ready-made long hair friendly rollers. Sponge rollers are also best in creating lush waves and curl, but gives effective results depending on the strand’s length and thickness.
  • To design hairstyles for long hair, always use bobby pins with covered ends. These pins keep you away from scratching the scalp or splitting out the strands of your long hair.
  • Try using old-fashioned pin curl sets for styling your long hair.
  • Any type of braid is perfect for long hair. So, employ a string mop to try braiding strands. To make your trial more perfect, learn all braid patterns—Dutch, English Braid and Traditional French Braid.
  • There are several hair styling products to add natural look to your waves and curls. Applying a styling mousse to your damp hair before going to bed, wrapping the hair into knot or twist and air-drying overnight will give you attractive lush waves and curls when you undo the twist or knot in the next morning.
  • Using stylish products with high alcohol content can make your hair drier.

Proper hair care keeps the hair in a good condition and allows hairstyle for longhair look more pretty and attractive. So, give your long hair the care it needs.


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