Determine The Perfect Haircut Style For Your Face Shape!

haircut styleAre you frustrated with your haircut style and feeling to get a new style to your hair with suitable haircut? Most of the unsuitable haircuts are the effect of haircut styles in disproportion to the shape of the face and in contrast to the hair texture.

Are you still not sure about what haircut style looks best for you. Do not panic! You have several haircut styles suitable for your face.

However, before you shed your existing hairstyle and get a new haircut style, go through various hairstyles and find the styles you prefer and the styles that are suitable for your hair type.

More particularly, consider the haircut style that makes you flatter.

Selecting the right hair cut style is just your personal taste. To get a suitable haircut style, it is essential to know the right haircut style for your face shape, as face shape is vital in getting the most flattering haircut style.

Different haircut styles for different face shapes

Rectangular face: People with rectangular face appear long and narrow with a square chin and hairline. The perfect haircut style for rectangular faces is the style that builds width at either sides covering the narrowness. A fringe to the haircut can also shorten the rectangular face, and a style with a side cut will reduce the square appearance.

Oval face: It is the most common face shape and is usually considered as the perfect shape. Oval shape faces look pretty for any haircut style. Therefore, people with an oval face can prefer any hair cut style and length, especially an oval face that is 1.5 times as long as the width and having the forehead a little wider than the jaw.

Heart shaped face: Faces with heart shape will have wider temples, narrow jawline and small chin. The perfect haircut style for heart shaped faces is a haircut that creates an oval appearance by increasing width at the jawline.

Round face: People with a round face will have a round chin. As round face lacks the length of an oval face, the haircut should create an illusion of oval face or more length in the face. Creating height on top of the head and lessening width of the hair by keeping it even at either sides and around the ears is the best haircut style for round faces.

Diamond shaped face: Faces with diamond shape will have wide cheekbones and narrow chin and forehead. The haircut style for this kind of faces should create an illusion of oval face. Creating width at the temple and lessening at the cheekbones can achieve it.

Square face: People with square face will have hairline at the forehead and square jawline. As square faces look too short, select a haircut style that build height extending the face. Allow the hair to layer in the face region to reduce the jawline and curl around face to reduce square of your face.

As the perfect haircut style can become crowning glory of your natural beauty, move around and find the right haircut style.


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