Different Hairstyles for Long Hair

Usually people say that it is easy to create different hairstyles with long hair because it is versatile. However, there are a lot of women looking for different hairstyles for long hair because they just don’t have any idea what to do with their long strands.

Different Hairstyles for Long HairSweep it to the side

It doesn’t really matter what hair type you have, you can sweep your strands to the side either way.

You could go for a natural look or a beachier look by spritzing salt water-spray on the hair and scrunching the ends. In this case, it is important to know which side of your face is more advantageous for you.

Blunt cut bangs

In case you are looking for various hairstyles for long hair, you should know that this one made a big hit a little while ago. The bangs in the center should fall right below the eyebrows, but the hair on the sides should be a little longer.  You may be inspired by the hairstyle of Zoey Deschanel.

Fake faux bob

If you like your long hair but you are looking for different hairstyles for long hair that make your hair look shorter, this is the way to go. All you have to do is to pin strands of the hair to the inner layers.

Slicked back and straight strands

This one of the long hair’s various hairstyles is suitable for the women who don’t like to have hair in their face but don’t want to pull their hair together either. For this hairstyle, you will have to flatiron your hair and apply some gel on the top of it to keep the strands out of your face.


If you are looking for different hairstyles for long hair, this is one of the hottest styles of the moment. For this hairstyle, you need a deep side part then braid the hair on both sides, securing them with an elastic and then where the two braids meet unite the two strands into a side ponytail.

Pull it together

A bun is one of the best different hairstyles for long hair. To make sure that the bun won’t look too severe, you should add some height in the front and pull out a few strands in the back. It is best to tease the roots in the front a bit before gathering the hair in the back.

Photo Credit: (http://www.cosmopolitan.com)


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