Dip Dyed Hairstyle – Find Out More About This Celebrity Trend

The ombre hairstyle has been around for a long period of time, but it looks like the A list celebrities took the trend one step further and now they opt for the dip dyed hairstyle. The end result is something like the ombre look, but in this case the effect is more dramatic, drawing even more attention.


The singer is one of the biggest fans of the new trend. When she debuted with her new fashion collection called ‘House of Dereon’ at the London Fashion Week she was rocking this trend. She created a two toned effect with her hair having big blonde curls a darker layer beneath them.


Alexa Chung

Since she stepped into the spotlight her hair had different shades. This time she decided to make her bob even trendier and she added a bright brown color to the ends. This way she managed to play with light and we have to admit that she achieved a fairly natural look.

Jessica Biel

Until now she had more serious locks. However now she decided that it was time for a change and she went for a light blonde dye that is worked into her hair. Although the look doesn’t seem that natural, we have to say that the end result is simply fabulous.

Kate Beckinsale

She is known to be a natural beauty. However it looks like she got bored of her dark brown locks and she decided that it was time to use a lighter shade. Again, the end result isn’t the most natural looking that you could think of, but the good news is that the style is very easy to maintain.

Nicola Roberts

The celebrity doesn’t want to give up the natural red color of her hair and she decided to play it up by adding soft blonde ends. This new color and her new hairstyle looks magical with the pink dress she wears from time to time.

Jessie J

We got used to the fact that the singer usually had a severe and short hairstyle. Nonetheless now she has a longer hairstyle and she decided to soften the look of her raven locks a bit by adding blonde dyeto the ends of her hair.

Mila Kunis

The actress added brighter brown strands to her black hair. If you haven’t seen her, it is a must to checkout her look in the delicate Givenchy dress.

photos: (www.marieclaire.co.uk)


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