Do You Want Long, Healthy Hair? Know More About Hair Growth Vitamins!

Hair Growth VitaminsDo you like long, healthy hair? Then you must know about these important hair growth vitamins, which are very essential for the growth of your hair.

Vitamins and minerals plays major role in hair growth.

These vitamins act directly on the scalp and stimulate the growth of resting hair follicles. They also help in improving hormone levels in your body.

The change in hormone activities may help in improving the growth in hair follicles.

Essential hair growth vitamins:

There are many vitamins which are helpful for the growth of your hair. The details of these vitamins are as follows:

Vitamin A: This is considered as an important hair growth vitamin which mainly encourages the production of sebum in your scalp. It prevents your hair to get dry and also avoids dandruff. It helps in making your scalp thick. Smoking and taking aspirin reduces the absorption of vitamin A.

Over intake of vitamin A is also not advisable. As vitamin A is responsible for the production of sebum in your scalp, it can make your hair oily which can lead to dandruff. So always take it in permissible amount to avoid dandruff.

You can avoid over dose of vitamin A by simply eating fruits or vegetables which are rich in vitamin A like oranges, sweet potato, mangoes, etc.,

Vitamin B: All the B vitamins are very useful for the growth of your hair. Vitamin B helps the blood to get oxygenated and improves the growth of hair.

The main hair growth vitamins in this category are folic acids and vitamin B-6. This vitamin B-6 is mainly found in foods which are rich in proteins like potatoes, oatmeal, bananas, roasted beef etc.

Vitamin C: This vitamin is often found in oranges, kiwi fruit, red peppers and guavas. It is responsible for the growth of collagen which is essential for strong and healthy hair. It acts as an anti oxidant for the scalp and prevents hair loss.

Vitamin E: This vitamin mainly helps in circulation of blood in the scalp and stimulates good hair growth. It improves the absorption of oxygen in the scalp. Almonds, green turnip, corn oil, cereals are rich in vitamin E.

Possibility to get this vitamin deficiency is very rare. If you have less ability to absorb oils, then vitamin E supplement is suggested.

Biotin: This is the most important hair growth vitamin which mainly produces keratin. This vitamin prevents hair loss and avoids hair graying. Milk, brewer’s yeast, egg yolk are rich in biotin.

These are the essential vitamins which are necessary for hair growth. So always try to take food which is mainly rich with these vitamins and get growing healthy hair.


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