Do’s and Don’ts for Hair Care!

hair careDo you know what your hair type is? No! Don’t worry this is quite natural that many of us have no idea about the kind of hair we have.

You need not go to any hair specialist to finalize your hair type. All you need to do is just sit at home, relax and browse.

Yes, find many sites that give you a detail description of different types of hair and which category you fall in. Find more on hair care!

Let me give you a very short description on this. A human being has different types of hair such as oily, dry and normal hair. Any type of hair should be taken care of completely. Not many of us know how important is hair conditioning. You might feel that home hair care remedies are tedious but you will be surprised to see them work most effectively.

Most of us are very worried about one common problem, the hair fall. Dandruff, improper hair care, exposure to sun for long and many more may be the reasons for hair fall. Now a days as the world is on net total hair care tips can be gathered just by surfing on net from various web sites. Many such hair care recipes to prevent such a condition can be easily found. At some point of life all these useful tips may be useful for one and all.

Major disaster to your hair may be caused by coloring, perming, dying and others if not done in a proper way. All these procedures definitely put you in fashion world and make you stylish but on the cost of lots of money. Search sites for relevant information regarding coloring, dying and perming which can be done at home at much cheaper costs.

Go Natural! Yes, unlike chemicals natural coloring, perming will not damage your hair. In this way you not only protect your hair but also your money. Chemical composition products are always harmful for your hair, skin and body as well, as they are absorbed directly.

Give a Surprise! You will be definitely want to give a surprise to your friends every day with a new hair style, hair color, a new look etc, you set back as you cannot effort to empty your pockets every day. But keep in mind that all the natural procedures involved in this are very cheap and quiet affordable. So don’t worry!

You can take a few measures of hair care to protect your hair from hair fall. On the on set of winter don’t expose your hair to the winter winds, they do a lot of damage to your hair, so prefer to deep conditioning. Aloe vera will help you for sure; massage your hair gently with its juice. Herbal oil massage is good in summer. Olive oil after warming a bit can be applied in winter. Don’t allow it to be too long.

Don’t use woolen scarf, hat etc they break your hair, use silk instead. Regularly trim your split ends. In winter try to knot, braid or twist your hair, don’t let it open, to avoid winter damage. Avoid using hair dryers, instead use the natural sunshine to dry your hair, if this is not possible then use a dryer with hood.

So here you are with some useful hair care tips!


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