What Hunks Rule in the Looks Department with Facial Hair Style?

Facial hair is something that has been around for a very long period of time, and like it or not, for sure it will stay around for the rest of the time. While some people just let it grow, there are some others who prefer to make a statement with it.


Circle beard

If the beard is long, it may look wild, but that’s it. Nonetheless if the beard is shorter, it usually looks neater and more appealing.

Also such kinds of beards can also be used to hind the skin that is prone to breakouts or to make a soft jawline look more masculine.

Although it looks easy to maintain these beards, you should know that they require a lot of attention. This means that in case you are lazy, you might want to avoid having facial hair.

Leo di Caprio certainly isn’t lazy for he loves this facial hair style.

Neat mustache

Although during the years there have been numerous variations of the mustaches, still one of those that look the best are the ones that are straight and only cover the upper lip. If you choose anything else you could end up looking like you belong to another era. Burt Reynolds surely made a fashion out of wearing such a moustache.


This is one of the styles that have been around for many years, and so we can be sure that it is timeless. While at the beginning the goatee meant facial hair on the chin, in our days it is a lot more popular to also have accompanying mustache. The reason for which the style has become so popular is that it is extremely versatile. You can have a neat look but also a slightly disheveled one. You can look at Johnny Depp for tips.


A shadow is just perfect for those men who have quickly growing facial hair. The good thing about this style is that it looks better than the style that has been intentionally created and it also looks a lot manlier. Clint Eastwood and Roger Moore started the trend but Russell Crowe made it popular.


In some periods it is fashionable to dye or to color the facial hair, but remember that it is a lot more stylist to allow facial hair to have a natural color. If you are tempted by coloring, just take a look at some pictures of George Clooney and see how good he looks with his gray facial hair. Most probably coloring won’t seem that tempting anymore. If you choose to color the facial hair make sure that you get it done by a professional so that there will be no disasters.


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