Best Food for Hair Growth You Should Eat Every Day

In our days there are numerous different kinds of supplements on the shelves of stores for hair growth, but we should get the nutrients from food, and this is why you might be interested in the food for hair growth. Naturally these are normal kinds of food, but they come with nutrients that are beneficial for your hair.



This is one of the best foods for beauty. It comes with omega-3 fatty acids, it is rich in vitamin B-12 and iron and also it is considered to be a high-quality protein source.

The omega-3 fatty acids are important to keep the scalp healthy. If you happen to be a vegetarian but you are still looking for hair growth food, you should include in your nutrition 1-2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed in order to get omega-3 fats from a plant source.

Dark green vegetables as food for hair growth

It is funny that the Sailor Man Popeye didn’t eat enough spinach to have a healthy head of hair, but he may have had such a hair if he would have let it grow. If you are looking for a source of vitamin A and C then include in your nutrition spinach, Swiss chard and broccoli, as hair growth food.

This vitamin is used by the body for producing sebum, a greasy substance that is produced by the hair follicles and is considered to be the natural conditioner of the hair.


No matter how weird this may sound, legumes such as kidney beans and lentils are also hair growth food and they are important in case you would like to take care of your diet. They are rich in proteins and they also increase the speed of hair growth. Besides all these they also provide you with iron, zinc and biotin.

According to professionals, you should have three or more cups of beans or lentils every week to have enough food for hair growth.


Are you nuts for thick and shiny hair? You should go for nuts then to have hair growth food. Brazilian nuts are known to be rich in selenium that is important to keep your scalp healthy. On the other hand,walnuts come with omega-3 fatty acid and alpha–linolenic acid.

They are also rich in zinc, and so are cashews, almonds and pecans, all of them famous hair growth foods. In case you have a zinc deficiency, you could end up having shedding hair, so the nuts should be on the daily menu.


Chickens and turkeys might not have hair, but the protein they come with is important for the health of your hair. In case you do not get enough protein, your hair could become weak and brittle and theprotein deficiency could lead to the loss of the hair color.

Poultry also contains a high level of iron that has a high level of bioavailability, so it is easy for the body to make good use of it so it is a very important food for hair growth.


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