Get Shiny Hair With Simple And Effective Ways!

Are you born with perfect straight hair? Then you are one amongst those lucky people, to get a shiny hair in an easy way.

If you do not possess shiny hair, here are a couple of tips and ideas which can help you greatly to get a healthy shiny hair.

Your hair is considered as most important part of your outward appearance.

If it doesn’t look good, your entire facade look can ruin. Many of you might have a perfect shiny hair instinctively, but due to lack of proper care, now you might be encountering suggestions from every person you come across.Shiny Hair

So, for those who have perfect hair instinctively and also for those who are mis-fortunate to have perfect shiny hair, here are certain tips to improve as well as to maintain beautiful and also lustrous shiny hair.

Rinse you hair with cold water!

By rinsing your hair with cold water, the cuticles of your hair will be closed and becomes much smoother than before, making your hair to look shiny. So, there are two ways to close and make your cuticles smooth, in order to get shiny hair.

One is mix one table spoon of vinegar in a gallon of distilled water. After washing your hair with shampoo, try to rinse your hair with vinegar mixed solution. Though this solution might not give a good odor, the results which you can get will be much better.

The other way is you can try any acidic hair conditioners after washing your hair in order to get silky shiny hair.

Try this strawberry mask to add an extra shine and gloss for your hair!

Mash 8 fresh strawberries and add 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise to it. Massage your hair with this mixture, but before applying, always ensure that your hair is damp and washed well. Now cover your hair with a shower cap and then cover it with a warm towel.

After few minutes, wash your hair with a shampoo and then give better conditioning for your hair. This mask can be very helpful for you to get shiny hair by adding rich gloss to your hair.

Choose your hair type and the corresponding ingredients to make it shiny!

If you have fine hair, try to choose a shampoo, which is rich in certain essential ingredients like wheat proteins and polymers. These substances mainly coat your hair shaft to look much thicker. You can try enhanced hair spray volumizers, which are light enough and will leave a slight mist of shine in the form of tiny droplets on your hair instead of wetting it.

People with normal hair should use a shampoo which mainly contains silk amino acids. This amino acid essentially softens and also repairs your damaged hair structure. Lecithin is also greatly helpful to restore your hair texture. You can also use gels and creams to add an extra shine to your hair.

For thick and boorish hair, try to choose a shampoo which contains pomades. These pomades will not only make your hair shiny but at the same time it can moisturize your hair well.

So, try these effective ways for adding an extra shine and gloss to your hair and always remember to avoid any kind of allergic products and take all necessary precautionary measures to avoid adverse consequences.


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