The Gray Hair Treatment that Actually Works

While some people say that having grey hair is a sign of wisdom, the truth about it is that the hair turns gray because the follicle can’t add color to it, and so fashion conscious people are looking for gray hair treatment. The truth is that there is no scientific evidence that there would be any kind of medication or herb that could permanently take care of this problem but this does not stop science from trying to find a viable solution.

Using natural mixtures as gray hair treatment

 Gray Hair Treatment

One of the mixtures that you could try to use is made of curd and black pepper. Once you have mixed it well you should apply it evenly to the scalp. Leave it on for about an hour and then wash it off with the help of a mild shampoo. You should apply the mixture once a week and you will see the changes.

With the help of this treatment for gray hairyou will achieve silkier hair and you can be sure that you won’t have any problems with dandruff. Curd takes care of the dandruff and it makes the hair silkier, while the black pepper colors the hair. The mixture will offer you good maintenance for the hair and you can delay the graying of the hair.

Nonetheless in case you get sick often you should avoid using this treatment for gray hair.

Sesame oil

Another mixture that you could try in order tocure gray hair is to mix sesame oil with bottle gourd. Instead of the sesame oil you could also be using olive oil. Mix well and then apply to the hair. Just as the previous treatment for gray hair, this one will also color the hair black, and in the end you will have shiny and thick hair.

Paste it

If none of the mixtures presented before seem to be appealing to you, then you could prepare a paste of mango seeds and gooseberries as a gray hair treatment. Just as in the previous cases, you have to apply the paste on the hair and the scalp and leave it on for a while before you wash it off. You should repeat the treatment from time to time.

Tea leaves

Another natural treatment for gray hair is to boil tea leaves and then let the cool. Add to the tea two teaspoons of salt and then wash the hair with the mixture. Leave the mixture on for an hour and repeat the treatment once every 10 days.


This is a gray hair treatment that actually dyes the hair. Prepare the henna and leave it for the night. Add to it walnut pulp before using it. Apply the mixture to the hair and make a bun. You should leave it to dry, for about 1-2 hours. Then just wash off the mixture. This is a great treatment for gray hair that in the same time is also a conditioner.

You may see that you can opt for natural gray hair treatment, and this means that you don’t need artificial hair dye.


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