African American Hair Braiding

The world moves at a much faster pace than it used to, thus many people like to choose hair styles that are quick and easy to style and wear without looking too overdone.

This may be one reason why African American hair braiding is a very popular look right now for people who want to stay stylish without spending much time on their hair maintenance.

Even better, hair braiding offers many different varieties of styles so that you can choose what best fits you which is another reason that the style is currently so popular.

One problem that people who are African American run into is finding a salon that caters to the special texture of their braiding

However, as hair braiding is very popular for all races now almost every town has a hair salon that will be able to accommodate your needs if you decide that you want hair braiding.

In fact, temporary hair braiding styles are now commonly used as prom looks or wedding hair styles such as silky locks, hair extension, the kinky twist, and the Nubian Corkscrew.

Other common hair braiding styles that you may want to research and view if you are interested in hair braiding include pixi pin curls, goddess braids, a flat twist, and French inverted braids.

For African Americans who want a more natural look there are plenty of African American beauty shops that grew during the Black Pride Movement. Sometimes these may be a better choice for those with the African American texture of hair since it needs to be handled and groomed in a different manner.

These shops often offer hair wrapping specialty services alongside a wide array of braiding techniques.

Some of these styles can take a few hours to complete with some even taking over seven or eight hours to finish so either clear out your schedule or plan for more than one visit to the salon.

On the bright side, although it may take awhile to get a hair braid in, the upside is that a professional hair braid can be left in for a month plus if it is groomed properly.

Thus, the time is well worth it since you do not have to worry about styling your hair for a month, which for most people is a great tradeoff and an excellent way to save some time in the mornings.

One of the most popular hair braiding styles that many African American men and women choose to use are cornrows which is the practice of braiding hair close to the scalp to create rows that run from the front of the scalp down the back.

Traditional cornrows are formed straight across the scalp in lines, but some people prefer to have designs curved into the scalp with the hair lines which may take longer to braid in but allow a person to show some personal expression. If the scalp and hair is oiled regularly they can be left in for several weeks without any further grooming.


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