Braided Headbands for Stylish Summer Look

One of the hottest trends in the world of hairstyles is the braided headband. Although at first it may seem complicated to style the hair this way, you should know that it is pretty simple and the results are amazing. The best thing about these hairstyles is that you can wear them to special events and also to regular activities.


Cinderella style

In order to get this hairstyle done, you should apply some hair mousse on your hair before you blow dry it. Create a center part and section the bangs off. Separate a section of hair behind your ear and braid it loosely because this will become the headband. Secure it with elastic and then set it aside.

Gather the hair in the back, twist it once and then secure it with bobby pins at the base of the crown. In order to have some volume, the hair should be a bit looser at the crown. Wrap the headband around your head until it meets the bangs that were sectioned off. Secure it with bobby pins.

Create a ponytail in the back using the remaining hair, including the strands from the front to cover the base of the braid. The tail of the braid should be secured under the base of the ponytail. Take sections from the ponytail, then twist them and pin them. Make sure that you don’t look too neat. In the end apply some hairspray.

Rebellious princess

In this case you should be able to make fishtail braids. In the same time it may be useful to have a friend to help you. To create the hairstyle you need some mousse. Blow dry the hair using your hands to add some more texture. Spritz the hair with wave-enhancing products and then blow dry it some more.

Take a strand of hair from above the left ear and braid it. Let the rest of the hair loose and wrap the braid around your head. Secure the braid with bobby pins. Use the rest of the hair to create three other fishtail braids. One section should come from the crown and for the other two you should split the rest of the hair.

In the end twist the braids into a kind of an updo. Apply some hairspray on your hair. Make sure that your hair doesn’t look too neat. If the hairstyle is too neat, you could pull some strands out.

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