Tips for Braiding Brittle Hair

It is generally said that do not braid your hair if it is weak and brittle, because braiding will increase the tension in the strands of hair there by making it fragile and you will lose more hair than usual. However, this is only the partial truth.  Even if you have brittle hair, you can still braid them, that too without causing much distress to the mane. Below given is a list of few tips that will help you to braid even if you have brittle and fragile hair.

tips for braiding brittle hair

How to Braid your Brittle Hair so that there are no Further Damages?

Though braiding is a popular fashion, which children, men, women can follow, it becomes a bit tricky if you have brittle hair. But, even then you can braid your hair and with proper care your hair may even become healthier.  These are some tips if you wish to wear your hair in braids

  • It is often said that one should not braid their hair if the hair is not strong. Well this is only one side of the story. However if you braid your hair, you might lose less hair. Thus braiding can actually protect the hair if it is done by an expert and in a proper way.
  • If you wish to braid your hair you must start by cleansing your hair and scalp properly. If there is dirt and oil stored on your scalp, then after braiding the scalp will go itchy. Itchy scalp is not only minor irritant but also a reason for fall of feeble and brittle hair.
  • Stylish braiding can be done at the parlor as well, but make sure that it is done with proper care. Since your hair is brittle, clean it properly with a good shampoo and use a protective mask before getting it braided at parlors.
  • To strengthen your brittle hair before braiding use deep root conditioning to avoid hair loss.
  • It is true that braided brittle hair can break more easily, especially if you have too tiny braids. These braids create excessive tension on the hair itself and the scalp, thus try to opt for lose braids.
  • Do not oil your hair immediately after braiding; this makes the hair rough.
  • Just before braiding your brittle hair, use some smoothening serum and comb your hair with wide toothed comb in order to detangle it. Braiding can be difficult and also lead to hair loss if your hair is not detangled properly. If needed use your fingers to move through your hairs.
  • Even if you are going for stylish braids, be sure that the duration is not more than 4 hours as too much pressure on the hair shafts will make it more brittle.

Practically, if you follow the right procedure, you will not be losing hair but actually if braiding is done properly it can save your hair from further damage. So take care of your hair and enjoy beautiful braiding styles.


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