The Top 6 Ways to Take Care of your Micro Braids

Micro braids are in vogue and have always been in fashion! These lovely little braids look absolutely fantastic on your hair and give you a good look wherever you go.

One of the advantages of micro braids is that they are one type of a hairstyle which can last for months but only if you take proper care and give them the needed attention and maintenance. It definitely takes time to make micro braids but it takes as much energy to take care of them as well. If you are someone who wants to try this hair style, then you must know how to maintain them as well. The following are the top 6 way to take care of your micro braids:

ways to take care of your micro braids

  1. The first way to care for your micro braids is to ensure that they are well moisturized before you go for the braiding process. To ensure this, you can either opt for hot oil treatment about a week in advance or use a deep conditioner just before your braiding begins. Hair have to be as healthy and moisturized as possible so as to ensure that the braids look good and go on for a long time.
  2. Another great way to take care of your micro braids is to continue shampooing and conditioning your hair even with the braids made. But remember not be harsh on your hair and wash them gently to ensure that the braids remain intact.
  3. It is important not to use any harmful products or heavy products on your braids like grease or hair gels. What these products do is that they create certain build up which gets trapped in the braids as well as in the hair. This can lead to hair breakage and knotting which will worn out the braids in the process.
  4. It is important to remember that you don’t leave your braids tied up for more than two months at a stretch. As the new hair grow, they tend to pull the hair down due to the weight and this may harm the appearance of the braids. This also causes some amount of tension which can lead to some serious hair damage and breakage. You can get the hair braids opened after every 2 months and then get them done again all over again.
  5. Another way to ensure that your hair braids are taken care off is to use only light weight and gentle oils or glossifiers on the scalp and the hair. These can help to add more amount of shine to the braids and will give them a healthy look. They also help to seal in the moisture into your hair, which makes them healthier.
  6. Follow all the instructions that your micro braiding stylist must have given to you. It is important to not ignore your braids and take extra care of them to ensure that they don’t look dirty or unmanaged. Ask your stylist to write instructions that you can follow.

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