Hair Care Myths and Facts

Who does not like a face framed with shiny, bouncy, healthy curls? Women across centuries have adopted various measures to get long, manageable and beautiful hair. In order to improve the texture of hair, we all have resorted to certain measures at one point or the other, without realising that most of these measures are myths.

brushing the hairBelow given are a few myths related to hair care:

Myth 1

Brushing the hair 100 stroke every night will help the hair to grow faster and shinier.


Nothing can be further from the truth, as we all know that over brushing the hair tends to make it dry and brittle and may also lead to breakage of hair. Brushing or combing should be done only to untangle hair. Use proper hair grooming tools like a wide toothed comb or brushes with round tipped soft bristles to untangle your hair. You do not need to waste your time by brushing it so many times.

Myth 2

Getting regular trims helps hair grow faster.


Hair grows at an average of a quarter to half a centimetre each month according to hair experts. The growth takes place at the roots and not the tips. Therefore cutting or trimming the hair every month is a myth about hair growth that we have been following since we were kids. All that the hair cut achieves is to cut off any split ends and make the hair look healthy. Therefore if you want healthy looking hair then just get a trim done once in a while.

Myth 3

Using the same hair products over a period of time will reduce the effects of that product.


This is myth as no hair product will make your hair build up an immunity towards the hair. If you like a particular brand of shampoo, be rest assured that however many days you use that product, its effectiveness will not become less.

Myth 4

Using cold water to rinse the hair will make it shine.


This myth arose as people thought that cold water will make the follicles on the hair to lie down, thereby making the hair shine. The hair is made up of dead cells. It can neither feel heat nor cold. Rather than saying that cold water is good for hair, we can say that hot things ruin the hair shaft. Therefore, stay clear of products like heating tongs, hair straightening devices, drier etc, which may spoil hair.

Myth 5

It is better to condition your hair with food products than commercial and chemical conditioners.


There is no harm in smothering your hair with products from the kitchen, like mayonnaise, eggs, beer etc. but that is so only if we have enough time. However, in reality you should look at commercially produced conditioner for their ease of application and effectiveness. Just be careful not to buy conditioners with harsh chemicals in it.

Thus knowing the above given myths will now help you to take care of your tresses in a better way.


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