3 Steps To Volumize Your Hair

It has become quite common for many people to face the problem of dry and life less hair. The hair also looks very thin and dirty because of the pollution and stress.

To overcome this problem and to increase the volume of your hair, you have to follow some measures in such a way that it results in a permanent solution for your hair problems.

You can use the traditional way to make your hair look thick and fresh. So, here are few steps to volumize your hair.

  • Step1: Avoid using too much shampoo because it contains polymers which are a plastic like substance that gives your hair shiny and smooth look but it is only a temporary measure. It will lead into hair fall in a long run. So, it is very important to use mild shampoos which contains minimum amount of polymers.
  • Step2: Give good amount of massage to your scalp so that it increases the blood circulation and it relaxes your mind and mood (scalp massage). This procedure enhances your volume of the hair as the massage reaches to the root of your scalp.
  • Step3: It is advisable to wash your hair at night and let it dry for the whole night. With this, you can increase the intensity of your hair as you are giving lot of time to dry. This increases the smoothness and also eradicates the hair fall to a larger extent.


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