5 Tips for Healthy Hair Growth!

Your crowning glory is one thing you have to take very good care of. Just like your face, it’s one part of your body that gets the most attention especially from people around you.

Now, you don’t want to look unattractive and unkempt with locks that look dry and brittle. This is one of the main reasons why there are numerous tips for healthy hair growth out there which you need to apply in your daily life.

Healthy Hair Growth2

Today, you can find these tips just about anywhere. You can find them in beauty magazines, commercial ads of hair care products, and of course, in the internet.

There are so many of them that sometimes, you just don’t know where to start and which to try first.

Below are 5 tips for healthy hair growth which are not only effective but also very practical.

1. Switch to a healthier diet

You’ve heard it. We get the nourishment our body including our hair needs from the kind of food we feed ourselves.

One of the most effective tips for healthy hair growth is having a healthy diet consisting mostly of fish, fresh fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

2. Wash with care

Tips for healthy hair growth also include washing your hair correctly and with proper care.

Don’t just wash it with water, shampoo, and condition then rinse. You have to take time to massage your scalp gently every time you wash your hair. Doing so can unclog your pores and allow blood to circulate well in your scalp area.

3. Know your hair products

Have you tried analyzing the products you use especially when washing or fixing your hair? Knowing the tips for healthy hair growth won’t be effective and complete without using the appropriate hair care products.

You have to avoid those with harsh chemicals since they can strip off your hair’s natural luster and make it prone to breakage. In addition, use big toothed comb when combing wet hair and a nice brush for dry hair.

4. Avoid the trend

Some of the popular tips for healthy hair growth remind you to stay away from the latest trends inhairstyling. Perming, coloring, and straightening are just some of the popular techniques used in making hair more beautiful but they can also harm your hair.

What’s the point of these tips for healthy hair growth when you’re the one who’s damaging your hair in the first place? You need to avoid these and instead, keep your hair pretty the natural way by washing and combing it naturally.

5. Free yourself from stress

Stress is not just a major cause of diseases but also of ugly hair. Once you don’t get enough rest, you’ll see its effects on your hair. It will lack volume and become difficult to manage. You’re also subjecting your hair to stress when you tie it tightly with a rubber band or dry it using a hair dryer.

There are many other tips out there which you can try and see the result yourself. Just remember to continue to be persistent in using the tips for healthy hair growth according to the type of hair you have.


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