7 Best Ways To Grow Thick And Long Hair

Thick, long, lustrous hair is the desire of every one, both men and women. Growing thick hair is not an easy task as it seems to be.

You are required to work hard and put lots of effort to get enough natural volume to your hair.

Excessive hair coloring, too much exposure to heat and genetics plays a critical role in hair loss as well.

No matter what the reason may be or cause for your hair loss, good hair care routine with proper diets will help you along your way in growing thick hair.long hair

Effective techniques to grow thick hair

Even though growing hair is a tough task, it is not impossible, but all that you need is patience, determination, persistence and effective guidelines for taking good care of your hair.

Fortunately there are many ways of growing thick hair. Some of the most effective techniques include

  1. Take your vitamins: Vitamins and minerals play a very crucial and important key role in growing and keeping your hair healthy. Any nutritional deficiencies in your body will certainly contribute to hair loss. Few vitamins that are extremely important for healthy hair growth include Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  2. Get proteins: Since hair is a protein, diet that contains high protein can be helpful for hair growth. Some nutrition experts suggest that consuming wheat germ and brewer’s yeast can be helpful in maximizing the hair growth and strength.
  3. Avoid stress: Excessive stress is one of the main causes for hair loss. So, explore different stress management techniques to relieve stress and get enough rest for your body. Consequently you can maximize healthy hair growth to some extent.
  4. Have regular trims: Trim your hair ends regularly that can help to improve growth of hair. Most of you might be in a consideration that trimming can lead to hair loss, but in actuality it is just the opposite because it’s very helpful for improving hair growth.
  5. Limit hair coloring: Excessive hair coloring or perming causes damage to your hair and handicap the healthy growth of hair.  It will result in split ends, hair breakage and extreme dried out hair.
  6. Don’t overuse harsh chemicals: The worse chemicals for hair will be the solution present in perm section and other coloring agents. If you really want to get new color for your hair, you can try natural hair coloring process like henna products.
  7. Provide moisture for your hair: More often shampoos can possibly strip your hair’s natural oils. So try using shampoo for your scalp and use conditioner regularly to provide enough moisture for your hair.

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