Hair Tricks For A Fabulous Hair Everyday

When it comes to a perfect hair look, there are many ways to improve your hair status. We are offering you our tricks to improve your hair look, without going to hairdresser or using expensive methods.

In case your hair is dry and has lost its shining, do not wash it more than two times per week. Always use a hair conditioner that will moisturize your hair. Once a week try to use deep conditioner. Apply the conditioner and keep it for 20 minutes. The effect will be amazing and your hair will shine perfectly.

hair glossing cream

For a hair that needs more volume, the procedure is simple. The trick is to add volume to the hair at the sides, not at the top. Use a lightweight thickening spray, such as Phytovolume Actif Maximizing Volume spray, and apply to the roots.

phyto volume spray

Then blow-dry your hair for no longer than 3 minutes and try to rough up the roots with your fingertip. Flip the hair back and pull it straight. Then blow the rest of the hair. It will give you amazing volume.

Another trick, which any woman can use is the trick for adding more shining to your hair. Use shine serums that almost any good cosmetic brand is offering. The key here is to apply the serum with your hands and to rub it into your roots first. Then brush in order to distribute the serum.


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