How To Save Your Hair From Chlorine Damage?

hair careThere are things you can do before and after your swim, to ensure that the damage that chlorine can cause to your skin is minimized.

Before your swim

Condition or oil your hair before getting into the pool so that it forms a protective layer over the hair shafts. [hot oil treatment]

When in the Pool

Wear a cap. Yes they can be ugly, not exactly a fashion statement and may not be the most comfortable of things to wear, but it is these more than anything else that will protect your hair from the chlorine in the pool.

Swim caps are not completely water proof however they do protect your hair against the worst damage. Also, if you tie your hair up in a high bun before donning the cap, you can be reasonably sure to protect the ends of your hair from the chlorine, which is the most vulnerable part.

After your swim

Shampoo as soon as you leave the pool and get the chlorine out of your hair. The longer it stays in, the worse the effects on your hair.

Even club soda will nullify the negative impact of chlorine on the hair, but the important thing is to wash the chlorine right out, right away!

With a little TLC, your hair may just escape unscathed this summer!


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