Hydrate Your Hair To Revive And Keep Looking Fantastic

If you are like most people you do not want your hair to become lifeless and brittle.

This type of hair happens when your hair is not hydrated enough. Dehydration of your hair will happen for many different reasons.

The sun can make your hair loose its moisture and become dehydrated.

If you do a lot of swimming in chlorine or ocean water it can also cause dehydration to your hair.

You will find that the winter months can wreak havoc on your hair because being out in the cold can cause your hair to dry out. There are several ways to put the moisture back into your hair so it will once again have its natural luster and shine.hair care

Moisturize with Shampoo

Start off simple to rejuvenate your hair with a good moisturizing shampoo. Be careful when choosing your shampoo because some shampoos can actually take the oils and moisture out of your hair.

You should read all labels and make sure that you get a shampoo that is specifically made for dry .

Try not to buy shampoos that have alcohol in them. Alcohol will actually work in drying out your hair. A special shampoo for dry hair will hydrate your hair by holding moisture in every strand of your hair.

Deep Moisture Treatment

Once you are using a shampoo specially formulated for dry hair, your next step would be to do a deep moisturizing treatment on your hair. This treatment should be left in your hair for at least fifteen minutes.

Leaving the moisturizing treatment in your hair for this length of time will give your hair time to absorb all the proteins and oils that are in the treatment.

These treatments will bring your hair back to life with a smooth silky feel and you will only have to use them about once a week.

Things to Avoid

Using a blow dyer that is set on high heat will dry out your hair. If you need to use your blow dryer try to use it on the lowest heat possible. It is always best if you can let your hair dry out naturally.

Another thing that you should never do is use a brush on wet hair. This can tear your hair and cause it to break. Always use a comb that has larger teeth when combing out your wet hair to avoid this from happening.

Diet and Your Hair

Sometimes what you eat can affect how your hair feels. If your body is deficient in fatty acids you will sometimes have brittle and dry hair. You can replenish this in your body by eating foods that are high in these omega-3 fatty acids such as tuna, mackerel, olives, and nuts.

Also eating foods that have silica in them are a good thing when your hair needs hydration. You can find silica in potatoes and cucumbers. Plus do not forget protein foods that contain many vitamins that are good for your hair.

Try a few of these simple things to hydrate your hair and your hair will surely feel wonderful once again.


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