Organic Hair Care For Swimmers

Summer is the time for swimming and enjoying yourself in the pool.

This however may leave your hair life less and dull. The impurities in the water make your hair look like hay and feel like copper wire.

Organic hair care for swimmers is very effective. There are many herbal treatments; which can repair damaged hair.

To counter the effect of chlorine; which is liberally mixed in the swimming pool water, it is worth the while to purchase some volcanic ash from the market and make a paste out of it.

However this paste should be made with coconut water; to be really potent. Apply the paste to dry hair [dry hair care]and let the scalp soak the ingredients. Even, if the paste dries up in the process; it is not a hair care

Infact, it’s all better for your hair. With all the pollution in the atmosphere, the effect on the hair is instantaneous. Hair turns gray, however does not die; so to give it rejuvenation a certain amount of effort from your end is required.

Organic hair care for swimmers is very essential if you want to be a head turner. It is better if you use hair oil (non sticky) before you dive in for a swim.

However, be sure to massage the oil into the scalp; so that the chlorinated water does minimal damage to the hair and its roots [scalp massage].

Remember the skin of your scalp is very tender. So, when you wash your hair after the swim, it should be with a gentle shampoo or soap. If you have a damaged scalp; your hair can never be healthy.

There is simple reasoning behind it. What will become of a tree if the soil it is planted on is not in good shape? The tree in question will deteriorate very fast; the leaves will look lifeless and dull.

The same thing goes for hair. You can replace soil for the scalp. It is needless to say, that healthy hair reflects a person’s personality.

Hair care must be taken seriously, otherwise you won’t have any hair left to flaunt. Yogurt is another good vitalizer for the hair. If yogurt is applied to lifeless dull hair as an organic treatment, it will do wonders in a week’s time.

Yogurt will cool your scalp and relieve you of a severe headache as well. It is the yeast in the curd which is very beneficial for the roots of the hair. Infact, yeast is good for dandruff also.

The bottom-line is that Yogurt is good to eat and it is good for the hair. If yogurt is a staple diet in your home then there is nothing like it; as you will have it handy most of the time.


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