Protect Your Hair From Chlorine Damage This Summer

hair care tipsSummer is fun because it means that much more time spent in the pool.

But time spent in the swimming pool also means that your hair is exposed to chlorine, which can have extremely negative impact on your hair.

Chlorine is an unavoidable part of swimming in a pool because it is almost universally used; being the most effective disinfectant to keep the water of the pool clean.

Chlorine can dry out your hair and cause it to appear dull, lifeless and give it an unhealthy bleached appearance because it washes away the natural protective oil present in hair.

Since chlorine has the effect of drying out hair, particularly the ends, this can also result in split ends as well as coarser looking hair.

Chlorine damages the cuticle of the hair, which is the outer protective layer of the hair shaft, which is what result in this excessive drying. This also means that hair becomes brittle and is therefore more prone to breakage.

The hair shafts that do tend to break then will give the appearance of having lost a lot of hair, even if it is not hair loss from the root.

So if you are planning to do a lot of swimming this summer, give a thought to proper protection against chlorine for the sake of your lustrous locks!


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